Planning Perspectives 33.4 TOC

Table of Contents for October 2018 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 33, Issue 4

by John R. Gold and Margaret Gold


Special articles

Introduction: historical institutionalist perspectives on European spatial planning
Marcin Dąbrowski and Valeria Lingua

A historical institutionalist account of European spatial planning
Andreas Faludi

CRONWE: first attempts to institutionalize European spatial planning 
Wil Zonneveld

A Europe of ‘Petites Europes’: an evolutionary perspective on transnational cooperation on spatial planning
Stefanie Dühr

The development of strategic spatial planning in Central and Eastern Europe: between path dependence, European influence, and domestic politics 
Marcin Dąbrowski and Katarzyna Piskorek

Institutionalizing EU strategic spatial planning into domestic planning systems: trajectories of change in Italy and England
Valeria Lingua

Multiscalar governance and institutional change: critical junctures in European spatial planning
André Sorensen


Original articles

Understanding the Hobrecht Plan. Origin, composition, and implementation of urban design elements in the Berlin expansion plan from 1862
Felix Bentlin


IPHS section

Report from the 18th International Planning History Society conference: 15–19 July 2018, Yokohama, Japan 
Yanchen Sun, Gabriel Schwake, Kaiyi Zhu and Penglin Zhu

18th IPHS conference 15–19 July 2018 Yokohama prizes and awards
Nuran Zeren Gülersoy

Sir Peter Hall Award for Lifetime Achievement in Planning History 2018
Robert Freestone


Book Reviews

The new tenement: residences in the inner city since 1970
Susanne Schindler

Developing expertise: architecture and real estate in Metropolitan America
Richard Longstreth

Urban planning in North Africa
Nazan Maksudyan

Utopías Construidas: Las unidades vecinales de Lima
Héctor Abarca

São Paulo nas Alturas: A Revolução Modernista da Arquitetura e do Mercado Imobiliário nos anos 1950 e 1960
Fernando Atique

Architecture of counterrevolution: the French Army in Northern Algeria
Alan Mabin