Planning Perspectives 33.1 TOC

Table of Contents for January 2018 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 33, Issue 1

by John R. Gold and Margaret Gold



John R. Gold and Margaret M. Gold



From Greater London to Greater Valencia: a case of British influence on regional planning and neighbourhood units in Spain (1939–1952)

Juan Ramón Selva Royo and Nuño Mardones Fernández de Valderrama


Debates on urban reconstruction through reclamation of traditional water scenery in 1940s Tokyo

Junichi Hasegawa


The Royal Fine Art Commission and 75 years of English design review: the first 60 years, 1924–1984

Matthew Carmona and Andrew Renninger


‘Baltimore does not condone profiteering in squalor’: the Baltimore Plan and the problem of housing-code enforcement in an American city

Emily Lieb


The history of planning for Kowloon City

Lawrence W. C. Lai and Mark Hansley Chua


IPHS section

Planning history research in China: past, present, and future

Bing Zhang and Wan Liu


Inventing Grand Paris: metropolitan planning history and its valorization

Clément Orillard


The Global Urban History Project

Carl Nightingale




Book Reviews

Roaring metropolis: businessman’s campaign for a civic welfare state

Tracy Steffes


Urban visions: from urban planning culture to landscape urbanism

Stephen J. Ramos


Borgate romane. Storia e forma urbana [The borgate of Rome: history and urban form]

Filippo De Pieri


Outskirts. Living life on the edge of the green belt

Matthew Kelly


Encounters in planning thought: 16 autobiographical essays from key thinkers in spatial planning

Stephen Nepa


Community architect: the life and vision of Clarence S. Stein

Daphne Spain


City of refuge: separatists and utopian town planning

Janet R. White


Starchitecture. Scenes, actors, and spectacles in contemporary cities

Francesco Zuddas


The geopolitics of real estate: reconfiguring property, capital and rights

Desiree Fields and Alan Wiig



Kimberly Elman Zarecor


The architecture of neoliberalism: how contemporary architecture became an instrument of control and compliance

Leslie Sklair