Planning Perspectives 34.5 TOC

Table of Contents for October 2019 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 34, Issue 5

by John R. Gold and Margaret Gold



Planning Belgian Congo’s network of medical infrastructure: type-plans as tools to construct a medical model-colony, 1949–1959
Simon De Nys-Ketels, Laurence Heindryckx, Johan Lagae & Luce Beeckmans

The urban grid and entangled planning cultures in Senegal
Eric Ross & Liora Bigon

Sanitizing Jakarta: decolonizing planning and kampung imaginary
Prathiwi Widyatmi Putri

Integrating urban and port planning policies in a sustainable perspective: the case study of Naples historic harbour area
Giuseppina Pugliano, Guido Benassai & Edoardo Benassai

The 1968 Tehran master plan and the politics of planning development in Iran (1945–1979)
Azadeh Mashayekhi

Futurescapes of urban regeneration: ten years of design for the unfolding urban legacy of London’s Olympic Games, 2008–2018
Juliet Davis


The ‘valley of ashes’ and the ‘fresh green breast’: metaphors from The Great Gatsby in planning New York
Lieven Ameellievenameel

The tribulations of Walter Burley Griffin’s final Australian plan: Milleara as ‘the garden city of the future’ 1925–1965
Victoria Kolankiewicz, David Nichols & Robert Freestone


Baku: oil and urbanism
by Eve Blau, Ivan Rupnik, and Iwan Baan, Zurich, Park Books, 2018, 320 pp., US$49 (cloth)

Clarence Hatton-Proulx

Globalized authoritarianism. Megaprojects, slums, and class relations in urban Morocco
by Koenraad Bogaert, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 2018, 323 pp., US$27 (paperback)

Carlos Nunes Silva

Southeast Asia’s modern architecture: questions of translation, epistemology and power
edited by Jiat-Hwee Chang and Imran bin Tajudeen, Singapore, NUS Press, 2019, 321 pp., US$36 (paperback)

Robin Hartanto Honggare

Ein neues Mainz? Kontroversen um die Gestalt der Stadt nach 1945
by Jean-Louis Cohen, Hartmut Frank, Volker Ziegler, Berlin/Boston, DeGruyter, 2019, 280 pp., €49,95 (hardcover).

Herman van Bergeijk

Modeling post-socialist urbanization. The case of Budapest
by Daniel Kiss, Basel, Birkhäuser, 2019, 2018 pp., €39,95 (cloth)

Virág Molnár

Chicago’s block clubs: how neighbors shape the city
by Amanda Seligman, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2016, 312 pp., US$30 (paperback)

Alexander von Hoffman

Ephemeral histories: public art, politics, and the struggle for the streets in Chile
by Camilo Trumper, Oakland, CA, University of California Press, 2016, 296 pp., US$ 29.95 (paperback)

Edward Murphy