Planning Perspectives 33.2 TOC

Table of Contents for April 2018 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 33, Issue 2

by John R. Gold and Margaret Gold



‘Resistance was futile!’ Cycling’s discourses of resistance to UK automobile modernism 1950–1970

Rorie Parsons and Geoff Vigar


An early engagement with town planning: Māori and the Commission to inquire and report upon the necessity or advisability of establishing model villages on the sites of the present villages of Ohinemutu and Whakarewarewa in 1926

Caroline Miller


When the railway reached Istanbul: the making of Sirkeci terminus, 1870–1888

Ahmet Tozoğlu


Children’s Parks in Lisbon’s urban spaces: a childhood education and assistance programme during the Portuguese dictatorial regime (1933–1974)

Alexandra Alegre


Showcase and window to the world: East German architecture abroad 1949–1990

Andreas Butter


IPHS section

The 1923 Belgrade Master Plan – historic town modernization

Marta Vukotic Lazar and Mirjana Roter-Blagojević


Report on inaugural workshop RSA ReHi-Network ‘Interdisciplinary connections between history & regional studies’

Marica Castigliano


Conference report: Second African urban planning conference, Lisbon 7–8 September 2017

Robert Home


Book Reviews

Counterpreservation: architectural decay in Berlin since 1989

Florian Urban


Transforming Providence: rebirth of a post-industrial city

Mark B. Lapping


Balkan heritages: negotiating history and culture

Florian Riedler


Site planning in practice at Welwyn Garden City

Stephen V. Ward


The making of Grand Paris: metropolitan urbanism in the twenty-first century

Denis Bocquet


The cycling city: bicycles & urban America in the 1890s

Christine Bachman-Sanders


Récits de villes: d’Aden à Beyrouth

Nora Lafi


Green belts – past, present, future?

James Dunnett


Cook’s Camden: the making of modern housing

Alistair Fair


Blazing the neoliberal trail: urban political development in the United States and United Kingdom

Tracy Neumann


Palazzos of Power: Central Stations of the Philadelphia Electric Company 1900-1930

Jon C. Teaford


Quartz and Feldspar. Dartmoor: a British landscape in modern times

Kevin Flude


Book Notes

Florian Urban