Planning Perspectives 32.2 TOC

Table of Contents for April 2017 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 32, Issue 2

by Michael Hebbert



The organicists: planners, planning, and the environment in Czechoslovakia (1914–1949)
Jan Dostalík

The camouflage of war: planned destruction in Jaffa and Tel Aviv, 1948
Or Aleksandrowicz

The planning of microdistricts in post-war North Korea: space, power, and everyday life
Mina Kim & Inha Jung

Communitarian regionalism in India: how lessons from the New Deal Greenbelt Town programme translated to postwar India
Laurel A. Harbin & Kristin E. Larsen

Shaping an urban Amazonia: ‘a planner’s nightmare’
Renato Leão Rego

IPHS section

Transport planning as suggested in John Claudius Loudon’s 1829 plan for London
Patrice Bouche

New Towns Heritage Research Network
Bob Colenutt, Sabine Coady Schaebitz & Stephen V. Ward

Interpreting reinterpretation: the 13th conference of the European Association for Urban History, Helsinki, 24–28 August 2016
Reinhilde Sennema & Paolo De Martino


Book reviews

A genealogy of tropical architecture, colonial networks, nature and technoscience
Farhan Karim

Space, hope, and brutalism: English architecture, 1945–1975
Guy Ortolano

A world of homeowners: American power and the politics of housing aid
Leandro Benmergui

Model estate: planned housing at Quarry Hill, Leeds
David Ellis

Sweat Equity: Cooperative house-building in Newfoundland, 1920–1974
Iqbal Hamiduddin

Water and asphalt: the project of isotropy
Cristina Renzoni

Singapore dreaming: managing utopia
Mrinalini Rajagopalan

Urban Redevelopment and Modernity in Liverpool and Manchester, 1918–1939
Tom Hulme