Planning Perspectives 34.2 TOC

Table of Contents for April 2019 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 34, Issue 2

by John R. Gold and Margaret Gold



The prolific interpreter of the Olmsted vision: Frederick G. Todd, Canada’s first landscape architect
Nancy Pollock-Ellwand

Pursuit of integration in the former Yugoslavia’s planning
Tijana Dabović, Zorica Nedović-Budić & Dejan Djordjević

Planning for play: seventy years of ineffective public policy? The example of Glasgow, Scotland
Valerie Wright, Ade Kearns, Lynn Abram & Barry Hazley

Aesthetics of social identity: re-framing and evaluating modernist architecture and planning as cultural heritage in Martinique
Clare Melhuish

South African ‘know-how’ and Israeli ‘facts of life’: the planning of Afridar, Ashkelon, 1949–1956
Ayala Levin

Dabaodao: the planning, development, and transformation of a Chinese (German) neighbourhood
Philipp Demgenski


Questioning public histories of urban planning: an investigation of ‘urbanisme horloger’ narratives in the Unesco site of Le Locle/La Chaux-de-Fonds
Filippo De Pieri

Framing a new discourse on petromodernity: the global petroleumscape and petroleum modernism
Mohamad Sedighi & Bader Albader

Olga Zinovieva (1953–2018), Professor of Cultural Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Laura Kolbe


A City on a Lake: urban political ecology and the growth of Mexico City
Emilio de Antuñano

Rurality re-imagined: villagers, farmers, wanderers
Gemma Edwards

Risen from Ruins: The Cultural Politics of Rebuilding East Berlin
Eli Rubin

Urbanisation, regional development and governance in China
Zhe Zhang

For a proper home: housing rights in the margins of urban Chile, 1960–2010
Diego Hurtado Torres

Town and crown: an illustrated history of Canada’s capital
Karl Friedhelm Fischer

Cities contested. Urban politics, heritage, and social movements in Italy and West Germany in the 1970s
Filippo De Pieri