Planning Perspectives 35.5 TOC

Table of Contents for August 2020 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 35, Issue 5

by John R. Gold and Margaret Gold


Conservation logics that reshape mega-event spaces: San Antonio and Brisbane post expo
Jennifer Minner & Martin Abbott

Major events and urban development: exploring the spatial impact of China’s expositions in the early twentieth century
Zhe Liu, Pieter M.K.J. Uyttenhove, Luce Beeckmans & Xin Zheng 

An ‘ordinary modernist’? Empire and nation in Ariel Kahane’s large-scale planning
Shira Wilkof 

Avoiding white elephants? The planning and design of London’s 2012 Olympic and Paralympic venues, 2002–2018
Juliet Davis 

Street names in Dakar-Plateau: a colonial and post-colonial perspective
Krzysztof Górny & Ada Górna 

Dalian’s unique planning history and its contested heritage in urban regeneration
Yang Liu, Karine Dupre, Xin Jin & David Weaver 


The natural environment in socialist modernity: three case studies of new urban areas in Czechoslovakia (1966–1991)
Jan Dostalík 

4th Urbanism and urban planners in Brazil seminar (4thSUUB), Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2019. Ideas, practices and institutions in the formation of urbanism and urban planners in Brazil. CONFERENCE REPORT
Elisângela de Almeida Chiquito & Rita Velloso 


Glasgow high-rise homes, estates and communities in the post-war period
by Lynn Abrams, Ade Kearns, Barry Hazley and Valerie Wright, Abingdon, Routledge, 2020.

Ambrose Gillick 

Il mito dell’equilibrio. Il dibattito anglo-italiano per il governo del territorio negli anni del dopoguerra [The myth of balance. The Anglo-Italian debate on urban and regional planning after World War II]
by Lorenzo Ciccarelli, Milan, FrancoAngeli, 2019.

Filippo De Pieri 

Architecture of counterrevolution: the French army in Northern Algeria
by Samia Henni, Zurich: gta Verlag, 2017.

Nora Lafi 

Große Pläne für Kassel. 1919 bis 1949. Projekte zu Stadtentwicklung und Städtebau
Folckert Lüken-Isberner, Marburg, Schüren Verlag, 2016.

Karl Friedhelm Fischer 

Hidden London: discovering the forgotten underground
by Chris Nix, Siddy Holloway and David Bownes with Sam Mullins, London & New Haven, CT: London Transport Museum and Yale University Press, 2019.

Michael Hebbert 

Power Moves: Transportation, Politics, and Development in Houston
edited by Kyle Shelton, Austin: University of Texas Press, 2017.

Robert W. Pfaff