Planning Perspectives 32.1 TOC

Table of Contents for January 2017 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 32, Issue 1

by Michael Hebbert



Rationalizing the greater city. The 1919 international competition for Greater Paris

Beatriz Fernandez Agueda

A comparison of tenurial change and privatization in two Garden City communities: Sunnyside Gardens, New York City and Garbatella, Rome

Sandra Annunziata

Pan-American routes: a continental planning journey between reformism and the cultural Cold War

Adrián Gorelik

Energy landscape: Los Angeles Harbor and the establishment of oil-based capitalism in Southern California, 1871–1930

Jason Cooke


IPHS section

Echoes of Empire: British Mandate planning in Palestine and its influence in the West Bank today

Martin Crookston

Report from the 17th International Planning History Society Conference: 17–21 July 2016, Delft, The Netherlands

Stephen J. Ramos

17th IPHS conference, 17–21 July 2016: prizes and awards


The obituary of Professor Yorifusa Ishida (1932–2015): a pioneer of planning history in Japan

Shun-ichi J. Watanabe


Book reviews

Obsolescence: an architectural history

Robert Beauregard

Reclaiming the Don: An Environmental History of Toronto’s Don River Valley

Steven T. Moga

A nice place to visit: tourism and urban revitalization in the postwar Rustbelt

Chloe E. Taft

Cities from scratch: poverty and informality in urban Latin America

Janice Perlman

Jeremy and Caroline Gould, Coventry: the making of a modern city 1939–73

Louise Campbell

Thinking small: the United States and the lure of community development

Paul Adler

DIY Detroit: making do in a city without services

Robert Mantho

Politics across the Hudson: The Tappan Zee megaproject

Jeffrey A. Kroessler

Architecture and the Welfare State

Stephen E. Nepa

Barrio rising: urban popular politics and the making of modern Venezuela

Sarah Selvidge

The peaceful path, building garden cities and new towns

Ruth McManus

From boom to bubble: how finance built the new Chicago

Winifred Curran