Planning Perspectives 35.4 TOC

Table of Contents for August 2020 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 35, Issue 4

by John R. Gold and Margaret Gold



COVID-19 and planning history: a space oddity
Stephen J. Ramos 


Green belts and urban containment: the Merseyside experience
Bertie Dockerill & John Sturzaker 

The concept and planning of public native housing estates in Nairobi/Kenya, 1918–1948
A. M. Martin & P. M. Bezemer 

A city made of rooms. Revisiting the interactions between urban planning and building typology in Mario Ridolfi’s projects for Terni
Álvaro Clua Uceda & Àngel Solanellas Terés 

Modern housing estates and the production of the Brazilian city (1937–1960)
Ana Paula Koury 

The Emergence of the global and social city: Golden Mile and the politics of urban renewal
H. Koon Wee 


The intensifying gated exclusiveness of apartment complex boundary design in Seoul, Korea
Soe Won Hwang & Hyo-Jin Kim 

urbanHIST: a multidisciplinary research and training programme on the history of European urbanism in the twentieth century
Helene Bihlmaier 


Architecture in Global Socialism – Eastern Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East in the Cold War
by Łukasz Stanek

Florian Urban 

Democracy’s capital: black political power in Washington, D.C., 1960s–1970s
by Lauren Pearlman.

DeAnza A. Cook 

Improvised cities: architecture, urbanization and innovation in Peru
by Helen Gyger

Kathrin Golda-Pongratz 

Chaalan. Formation et mutations d’un quartier de Damas (1920–2010)
edited by Thierry Boissière

Nora Lafi 

Chinatown unbound: trans-Asian urbanism in the age of China
by Kay Anderson, Ien Ang, Andrea Del Bono, Donald McNeill and Alexandra Wong

Yingfei Wang 

Städtebau unter Salazar. Diktatorische Modernisierung des portugiesischen Imperiums 1926–1960
edited by Harald Bodenschatz and Max Welch Guerra

Dirk Schubert