Planning Perspectives 33.3 TOC

Table of Contents for July 2018 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 33, Issue 3

by John R. Gold and Margaret Gold



Showcasing Vällingby to the world: post-war suburban development, informational infrastructures, and the extrospective city
Ian R. Cook

Revisiting the role of architects in planning large-scale housing in the USSR: the birth of socialist residential districts in Tallinn, Estonia, 1957–1979
Pille Metspalu & Daniel B. Hess

The Portuguese railway in time and space – mapping phases of growth, stagnation, and decline (1845–2015)
Inês de Azevedo Isidoro, Teresa Marat-Mendes & Vera Regina Tângari

Estonian urbanism 1935–1955: the Soviet-era implementation of pre-war ambitions
Siim Sultson

Transfers and exchanges: the role of Léon Jaussely from a transnational perspective
Beatriz Fernández Águeda


IPHS section

The first Filipino City Beautiful plans
Ian Morley

Centre for Urban & Landscape Planning History (CUL), established at Kassel University, Germany
Stefanie Hennecke, Harald Kegler, Diedrich Bruns & Wiebke Reinert

Report from the 17th biennial SACRPH conference on planning history 26–30 October 2017, Cleveland, Ohio
Li Hou


Book Reviews

What’s in a name? Talking about urban peripheries
Robert Home

Occupy all streets: Olympic urbanism and contested futures in Rio de Janeiro
Leandro Benmergui

London 2012 and the Post-Olympics city: a hollow legacy?
Juliet Davis

Métabolismes urbains. De l’hygiénisme à la ville durable: Naples 1884–2004 [Urban metabolisms. From hygienism to the sustainable city: Naples 1884–2004]
Filippo De Pieri

Dispersal: picturing urban change in east London
Sol Perez Martinez

Hotel Mexico: dwelling on the ’68 movement
Anna Rose Alexander

The Routledge handbook of planning history
Helen Meller

Tehran. Life within walls. A city, its territory and forms of dwelling
Nora Lafi

Rebel modernists – Viennese architecture since Otto Wagner
Florian Urban

Gyeongju: the capital of Golden Silla
Peter Armstrong

The heart of the city: legacy and complexity of a modern design idea
Gaia Caramellino

Estado, Arquitetura e Desenvolvimento: a Ação Habitacional do Iapi
Michele Aparecida Siqueira Dias

Cidade Alta: Histórias e memórias da remoção e a construção do estigma de favela num conjunto habitacional
Yuri Kieling Gama

The New Urban Crisis: how our cities are increasing inequality, deepening segregation, and failing the middle-class – and what we can do about it
Sidra Ahmed, Andrew Harris, Jordan Rowe & Olivia Smith

The roots of urban renaissance: gentrification and the struggle over Harlem
Dylan Gottlieb

Artists in the city: SPACE in ’68 and beyond
Andy C. Pratt

Building for oil: Daqing and the formation of the Chinese socialist state
Yiwen Yuan

Slums: the history of a global injustice
Chandan Deuskar

China’s contested capital: architecture, ritual, and response in Nanjing
Weijie Hu

Why preservation matters
David C. Sloane

Constructive feminism: women’s spaces and women’s rights in the American City
Allison Suppan Helmuth & Brenda Parker

Freedom and the cage: modern architecture and psychiatry in Central Europe, 1890-1914
Kimberly Elman Zarecor

Robert Schmidt 1869–1934 – Stadtbaumeister in Essen und Landesplaner im Ruhrgebiet
Karl Friedhelm Fischer