Planning Perspectives 34.1 TOC

Table of Contents for January 2019 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 34, Issue 1

by John R. Gold and Margaret Gold



Publication, recapitulation, adjudication
John R. Gold & Margaret M. Gold


Cities and plans – the past defines the future
Dirk Schubert

The plan as a colonization project: the medina of Tlemcen under French rule, 1842–1920
Amine Kasmi

From cantonments to townships: Lugard’s influence upon British colonial urban governance in Africa
Robert Home

A Theosophical Garden City: designing household life in Bombay, circa 1924
Shiben Banerji

From mise en valeur to cooperation – Ponts-et-Chaussées engineers overseas and the rise of planning expertise in the twentieth century
Hélène Vacher

Comprehensive planning in Japanese large cities
David W. Edgington


Building and planning regulations under Israeli colonial power: a critical study from Palestine
Salem Thawaba

The planning history of Japan in a world history planning perspective
Fukuo Akimoto

Remaking cities: the fourteenth Australasian urban history/planning history conference, Melbourne, 2018.
Lauren Pikó, James Lesh & Victoria Kolankiewicz


Building the Ivory Tower: universities and metropolitan development in the twentieth century
Eugénie L. Birch

Prefab housing and the future of building: product to process
Miles Glendinning

Industrial Teesside, lives and legacies: a post-industrial geography
Ray Hudson

Il Pilastro. Storia di una periferia nella Bologna del dopoguerra
Filippo De Pieri

Endangered city: the politics of risk in Bogotá
Susana Romero

American imperial pastoral: the architecture of US colonialism in the Philippines
Daniel Immerwahr