Planning Perspectives 34.3 TOC

Table of Contents for June 2019 issue of Planning Perspectives

Volume 34, Issue 3

by John R. Gold and Margaret Gold



Planning for enabling: an analysis of Cedric Price’s proposal for Two Tree Island, 1971–1973
Manuel Rodrigo de la O Cabrera

The grid as algorithm for land use: a reappraisal of the 1811 Manhattan grid
Gergely Baics & Leah Meisterlin

Producing space: post-war redevelopment as big business, Utrecht and Hannover 1962–1975
Tim Verlaan

Planning of public housing in modern Tianjin (1928–1945)
Yanchen Sun, Carola Hein & Kun Song

From the Cold War to the warmed globe: planning, design-policy entrepreneurism, and the crises of nuclear weapons and climate change
Zachary Lamb & Lawrence J. Vale

Skopje Resurgent: the international confusions of post-earthquake planning, 1963–1967
Mirjana Lozanovska & Igor Martek


European urban culture, Javier de Mesones-Cabello’s planning practice and its legacy in city of Valladolid

Ana Ruiz-Varona

Conference Report, EAUH, 2018, Rome
Emma Hart

Complexity and contradiction: in memoriam Robert Venturi
John R. Gold, Carola Hein, Clément Orillard, Renato L. Rego & Fernando Pérez Oyarzun


From steel to slots: casino capitalism in the postindustrial city
Walter Licht

Parking and the city
Michael Kordas

Louis-Joseph Lebret e a SAGMACS: a formação de um grupo de ação para o planejamento urbano no Brasil
Leandro Benmergui

Las Vegas in Singapore: violence, progress and the crisis of nationalist modernity
Jiat-Hwee Chang

Windows upon planning history
John R. Gold

Spectacular modernity: dictatorship, space and visuality in Venezuela. 1948–1958
Adriana Laura Massidda

Latino City: Immigration and Urban Crisis in Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1945–2000
Pedro A. Regalado