Anthony Sutcliffe

Anthony Sutcliffe (1942-2011) helped Gordon Cherry set up the Planning History group in the 1970s and was a joint founder with him of IPHS, organising the first conference in 1977. He was also the joint founder with Gordon Cherry of Planning Perspectives and edited the journal with him from 1986 to 1996 and alone, after Gordon Cherry’s death, from 1996 to 2001.

Major Works

The Autumn of Central Paris: the Defeat of Town Planning, 1850–1970 (1970),
History of Birmingham Vol. 3 1939 – 1970 (1972) (with Roger Smith),
The History of Modern Town Planning: Bibliographic Guide (1977),
Towards the Planned City: Germany, Britain, the United States, and France, 1780–1914 (1981),
The History of Urban and Regional Planning: An Annotated Bibliography (1981),
Paris: An Architectural History (1993),
An Economic and Social History of Western Europe Since 1945 (1996),
London: An Architectural History (2006).

 Edited Volumes

Multi-storey Living. The British Working-class Experience (1974),
The Rise of Modern Urban Planning, 1800–1914 (1980),
British Town Planning: The Formative Years (1981) (edited with Derek Fraser),                
The Pursuit of Urban History (1983),
Metropolis 1890–1940 (1984),
Megalopolis: The Giant City in History (1993) (edited with Theo Barker),
Europe in the International Economy 1500 to 2000 (1999) (edited with Derek H. Aldcroft).

The Anthony Sutcliffe Dissertation Award was set up in his memory.

A tribute to him was published in Planning Perspectives 27 (2), 2012, p. 167-171.