Planning History Talks

Peripheral Centralities: Lost, Past, Present and Future

The Peripheral Centralities: Past, Lost, Present and Future seminar series is co-convened by Prof. Nick Phelps (University of Melbourne); Assoc. Prof. Paul J. Maginn (University of Western Australia); and, Prof. Roger Keil (York University, Toronto) and is supported by the Urban Studies Foundation. The first seminar in the series, Peripheral Centralities: Lost and Past, was held online on 23-24 September 2021. This seminar comprised a range of presentations from scholars from around the world—Australia, China, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, UK, and USA. Details of all presentations can be found here. See below for the video presentations of several IPHS members.  

‘Metropolitan Adelaide’s Unique Opportunity’: Charles Reade’s Plan of Adelaide and Suburbs 1917

Christine Garnaut

Ports, Port Authorities, and the Planning of Peripheral Centralities

Carola Hein

Greater Shanghai Plan (1927–37): An Unfulfilled Urban Dream

Richard Hu

War, Military Settlements and Planetary Urbanization

Gabriel Schwake and Carola Hein

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