IPHS holds an international biennial conference. Every international conference has both made a remarkable contribution to the literature and opened a path for new research fields. 

IPHS conference 2024

The 20th IPHS Biennial Conference is to be held in early-July 2024 in Hong Kong. Read more.

IPHS conferences history

In the four decades since its formation in 1976 the International Planning History Society has created a vibrant community of specialist scholars encompassing every region of the world.

Previous get-togethers have been hosted by the cities and universities of London UK, Brighton UK, Tokyo, Birmingham UK, Richmond VA, Thessaloniki, Hong Kong, Sydney Australia, Helsinki, Letchworth Garden City, Barcelona, New Delhi, Chicago, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, St Augustine, Delft, and Yokohama.

IPHS conferences have built up a formidable historiographic legacy through the society’s specialist journal Planning Perspectives and the Planning History & Environment monograph series edited by Ann Rudkin of Alexandrine Press. We warmly invite the participation of scholars working on any aspect of the history of city and regional planning.


An Overview of the Previous Conferences

By Prof. Dr. Nuran Zeren Gulersoy and Dr. Ebru Gürler