Hong Kong 2024

20th IPHS Conference, July 2024, Hong Kong

The 20th IPHS Biennial Conference is to be held in early-July 2024 in Hong Kong. As Asia’s World City, Hong Kong offers a unique entry point to variant narratives of planning in the past, and against this backdrop core themes of the conference will be port city developments, colonial urban planning, postcolonial planning dynamics, new towns, regions and regional planning in history, cities and the natural environment, and city planning in high-density urban contexts. A number of sub-themes will also be incorporated into the 2024 event, including: planning within global cities; city development in SE Asia and other Asian regions; the history of urbanization and planning in the Chinese context; public housing; community planning and health; transport planning; city planning and heritage; and, Planning History pedagogy.

Co-convenors of the 20th IPHS Biennial Conference, Profs. Ian Morley and Hendrik Tieben, welcome you to visit Hong Kong in July 2024!