East Asia Planning History Prize

The International Planning History Society (IPHS) invites applications for the East Asia Planning History Prize. Application documents have to be submitted between October 1st and December 31st 2017.

The aim of this Prize is to encourage young scholars of East Asia to engage in planning history and to publish their work in English. It is also meant to expand IPHS membership in East Asia.

The Prize is awarded for outstanding research in the planning history of East Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, the two Koreas, Macau, Mongolia and Taiwan) published in English in the form of a single-authored refereed article in an academic journal (not in the conference proceedings), in the previous two calendar years before an IPHS Conference (from January 2016 to December 2017 online or in print whichever comes first), by a native, citizen, and resident of a nation in East Asia under 45 years old as of the deadline date. The Prize winner shall be an IPHS member at the time of awarding the Prize and should attend the 2018 IPHS Conference (to be held at Yokohama, Japan), in order to receive the Prize and to present his/her work at the Conference. The Prize includes a cash award of 250 GBP.

Further information about the Prize may be obtained from the Prize Committee Chair, Prof. Shun-ichi J. Watanabe (shun.watanabe@nifty.com).

Official Announcement and Application Form

Awarded papers


Not announced.



Kosuke Matsubara, ‘Gyoji Banshoya (1930-1998): a Japanese Planner Devoted to Historic Cities in the Middle East and North Africa’.

Shulan Fu, ‘Shan-shui Myth and History: The Locally Planned Process of Combining the Ancient City and West Lake in Hangzhou, 1896-1927’.

(Honorable Mention) Sanghoon Jung, ‘Oswald Nagler, HURPI, and the Formation of Urban Planning and Design in South Korea: The South-Seoul Plan by HURPI and the Mok-dong Plan’.



Not announced.



Not announced. 



Miao Xu and Zhen Yang (2009) ‘Design History of China’s Gated Cities and Neighbourhoods: Prototype and Evolution’, Urban Design International, 14 (2), 99-117.

Miao Xu and Zhen Yang (2009) ‘Theoretical debate on gated communities: genesis, controversies, and the way forward’, Urban Design International 13 (4), 213-216.