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For some years now the International Planning History Society has benefited from the full and active participation of its Turkish members. Most of us will remember the magnificent conference they organised in Istanbul for the Society in 2010. Now, however, that valued participation has been placed into serious jeopardy by the actions of the present Turkish government. Academic freedom of speech, research, mobility and international exchange are being seriously restricted in Turkey. As an international academic society we stand fully in solidarity with our Turkish colleagues and urge the authorities to restore their rights so that they may continue to play their active and valued role in the global community of academic scholars.

We therefore urge our members outside Turkey to be in touch with and offer support for our Turkish colleagues during this troubled period. We also urge any members intending to organise workshops, symposia, conferences, summer schools or similar events to invite our Turkish colleagues, to make visible what is now, by the actions of the Turkish government, in danger of becoming invisible and to give a voice to those who are now being silenced.

Do not forget our Turkish friends and colleagues and all they have contributed to our field and our society!

IPHS President

Prof. Dr. Dirk Schubert

on behalf of the IPHS Council